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Join the tribes of the Bering Strait Region in developing an international, cutting edge, fresh and innovative, museum & cultural center, in the hub community of the Bering Strait Region - Nome, Alaska. This facility will not only exhibit the latest in circumpolar research, but will provide a wide array of cultural programming experiences for our children, visitors and learners of all ages. The Kawerak Cultural Center will hold the heart of our region, as a place to safely care for and display our rich history in artifacts, and the many innovations of the people have called this area home for thousands of years. The Center will provide a place for dance groups to gather, practice and perform and for all to celebrate the traditional and living indigenous cultures of our region. The Center will provide our people with a facility to connect and engage with other tribal members, visiting scientists, and anyone interested in learning about the unique languages and cultures of the Bering Strait Region of Alaska.

Cultural Center News

The Cultural Center has a new name, the Katirvik Cultural Center. After putting the name to a region wide vote, Katirvik was the top choice. Katirvik means “Gathering Place” in King Island Inupiaq. Katirvik is very suiting for our new name, as the most unique, important and defining features of the cultural center is the gathering space/classroom which is built in a circular shape and is designed to emulate the look and feel of the traditional gathering place, the qasgi/qasrgi.
Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey process and provided input on the new name.
Congratulations to the following survey participants and raffle winners:

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Tax Deduction for Corporate Donors: Starting in 2011, the State of Alaska amended its tax law to allow a credit for donations to Alaska Native cultural or heritage programs that serve K-12th grade public schools. Kawerak’s Cultural Center qualifies as an eligible cultural heritage nonprofit program, so corporate donors can now receive this state tax credit for contributions to our cultural center and its educational programs. If your corporation is interested in this credit, please specify that the donation is intended for educational program support. Quyanna!

Making a lasting impact is easier than ever. Your gift to the Kawerak Cultural Center will go toward ensuring the people of our region and its visitors have a place to learn about, perpetuate and celebrate our living, unique and diverse cultures and languages. Donating is easier than ever with our paypal option.

CULTURAL CENTER Planning Updates

Starting in 2016, Kawerak’s Cultural Center will rent museum space in the City of Nome’s Richard Foster Building - named after Alaska Native leader Richard Foster, who represented the Bering Strait Region in the state legislature for over 20 years. Along with the Kawerak Cultural Center, the Richard Foster Building will house Nome’s Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum and the Kegoayah Kozga Library. The Richard Foster Building is nearing the end of construction and a Grand Opening is planned for late 2016.  We still need donations to help us complete our facility and exhibits and train and hire new staff for the center.  There are many options for how to donate. If you are interested in helping us fund the opening of the Cultural Center, you can use the Paypal link above, mail a check to our physical address or contact the Cultural Center’s Project Director at (907) 443-4340.  All donations are deductible from federal taxes.  Quyanna!