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Kawerak was awarded funds from The Oak Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts to address potential impacts related to increased marine shipping on individuals, subsistence resources and the environment within our region. Numerous tribal, environmental, state, federal, and international interests have undertaken action and discussions to address the impacts of global climate change and increased marine shipping in the Arctic. Arctic marine transits have increased in the last decade through ice free Arctic waters to transport resources and people from all parts of the globe. Kawerak must engage in these important discussions due to the potential impacts to our way of life. Subsistence resources, the environment, and culture are vital aspects of Alaska’s first people and the public at large. Kawerak’s Marine Program will advocate for local priorities and propose actions to minimize negative impacts of increased shipping in the Bering and Chukchi Seas. The Kawerak Marine Program is staffed by Austin Ahmasuk, Marine Advocate.

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Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Local Environmental Observer program
Alaska Ocean Observing System
Arctic Waterways Safety Committee
Bering Strait Atlas
CHARCTIC Sea Ice Graph
Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic
National Marine Fisheries Service
Oak Foundation
Potential Places of Refuge
Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning
Sea Ice for Walrus Outlook
Sea Ice Zone Observing Network/ ELOKA
Shorezone Mapping
Tentatively Selected Plan Deep Draft Port of Nome
The PEW Charitable Trusts
UAF Alaska Sea Grant - Marine Advisory Program
US Arctic Council
US Arctic Research Commission
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Coast Guard Alaska

Emergency Contact Information
US Coast Guard, National Response Center
(Oil spill/chemical spill/maritime security)
USCG, Maritime emergency in State 1-800-478-5555 or 1-888-399-5555
Maritime emergency Nationwide & International 1-907-463-2000
Emergency VHF-FM Channel 16
Emergency HF 2183.4 (2182) and 4126.4 (4125)
Telex 496115066
Easylink 62907427
State of Alaska, Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
(Protect lives and property from terrorism and all other hazards)
1-907-428-000, 1-877-242-5643
State of Alaska, Alaska State Troopers – Nome
Search & Rescue
Port of Nome 1-907-443-6619
Capt of the Port, Western Alaska 1-907-428-4200

USCG Homeland security – Radio information for boaters (incl. frequencies)
NOAA NMFS (Marine mammal stranding)1-877-925-7773