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In 2001, Kawerak began the implementation of village-based carpentry and heavy equipment training programs. These 2-4 week programs are designed for apprentices who are registered by the federal Department of Labor. Each training program uses a standard curriculum that is approved by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Participants earn college-credit through Northwest College/University of Alaska. Training programs are not limited to carpentry and heavy equipment, and are determined on a village-by-village basis. Participant eligibility may vary for each program.

How the Training Calendar is Decided

Village Based Training works with the IRA's of each village to determine what job opportunities are coming to the village or what skills need to be upgraded to increase or keep village residents employed in the near future. training is then recommended. Funding sources, trainers and other resources are prioritized to the best advantage of the region. At Village Based training and all of EET, we work to keep each village in our rotation of ongoing training, without favoritism.

Eligibility Criteria

Any tribal Members from the Bering Straits Region in the village of the training will be given preference for the training. Members from Nome Eskimo Community, and The Native Village of Gambell must apply through their IRA's to provide funding. Anyone else in the village of the training will be allowed in after these preferences. trainees must be willing to come to training daily for entire length of training period. Kawerak cannot provide incentives to training, but can supply supportive services (child care, health and special equipment) for individuals, if necessary, and requested before the training. IRA's decide who receives training if there are too many applications for the training.

The applicant must complete an intake application with the EET Intake Coordinator and then become an active participant in the Employability Development Plan. Applications can be picked up at the EET Intake Office or by calling (907) 443-4399 direct, 1-800-450-4341 toll-free.

The application is not complete without the following documents:

  • Tribal Enrollment Verification (all applicants must be tribally Enrolled within the Bering Straits Region to an IRA Office)
  • State Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card