Community members in Koyuk participated in 3 days of community strategic planning meetings last week in order to update the Koyuk Local Economic Development Plan. The previous plan completed listed priorities and goals for 2012-2017. The group gathered for the public meeting in the Koyuk IRA multipurpose building from Tuesday, Oct. 2 through Thursday, Oct. 4 and filled the days with productive conversation to help steer future community projects and programs in Koyuk.

The Local Economic Development Plan is created by the tribal members of a community with the assistance of Community Planning and Development staff. Tribal members discuss the community’s priorities and strategize implementation of these priorities. Kawerak staff organize and facilitate these community and economic development discussions, which also includes and in-depth review of community infrastructure needs and gaps, as well as future goals for development as identified by local community members and tribal leaders. Staff also prepare the LEDP documents following the meetings, made available on the Kawerak website¬†

Koyuk participants as represented on the photo included: Back Row (L to R) Laverne Kimoktoak, Rebecca Charles, Gabriel Dewey, Natashia Nassuk, Laura Nassuk, Randall Dewey, Viola Kimoktoak, Darrell Kimoktoak, and Front Row (L to R) Georgianne Anasogak, Danny Adams, Mary Apok, & Kawerak staff Patti Lillie.