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Board of Directors List
Board Committees

The Kawerak Board consists of the Council Presidents or appointed delegates of the 20 federally recognized tribes, two Elder representatives and the chair of the Norton Sound Health Corporation Board.

When established as the regional nonprofit in 1973,  Kawerak’s vision was to provide services to the region and to preserve our cultures for the next generations. Thanks to the leadership and dedication of our Board of Directors, we are driven with that vision; we constantly look for new ways to ensure that our people and tribes are thriving now and in the future.

Our Board

Frank Katchatag
Frank KatchatagChairman - Unalakleet
Benjamin Payenna
Benjamin Payenna1st Vice Chair - King Island
Robert Keith
Robert Keith2nd Vice Chair - Elim
Kirsten Timbers
Kirsten TimbersSecretary - Solomon
Irene Navarro
Irene NavarroTreasurer - Golovin
Gilbert Tocktoo
Gilbert TocktooBrevig Mission
Barbara Gray
Barbara GrayCouncil
Dora Ahkinga
Dora AhkingaDiomede
June Walunga
June WalungaGambell
Archie Ervin
Archie ErvinKoyuk
Lucy Oquilluk
Lucy OquillukMary's Igloo
Tiffany Martinson
Tiffany MartinsonNome Eskimo Community
Thomas Cheemuk Sr.
Thomas Cheemuk Sr.St. Michael
Larry Kava
Larry KavaSavoonga
Axel Jackson
Axel JacksonShaktoolik
Carol Ningeulook (alt)
Carol Ningeulook (alt)Shishmaref
Peter Martin Sr.
Peter Martin Sr.Stebbins
Blanche Garnie
Blanche GarnieTeller
Anna Oxereok
Anna OxereokWales
Amos Brown Sr.
Amos Brown Sr.White Mountain
Merlin Koonooka
Merlin KoonookaElder
Charlie Fitka Jr
Charlie Fitka JrElder
Preston Rookok (alt)
Preston Rookok (alt)Norton Sound Health Corporation
Board of Directors List
Board Committees