Kawerak staff gathered together to celebrate the return of Kawerak President Melanie Bahnke from a well-deserved sabbatical awarded by Rasmuson Foundation. “It was the best summer of my life,” Melanie said, “But I am happy to be back. I missed all of you and I missed the work.”

Food and and laughter kicked off the surprise potluck, but part of the welcome plan was to offer staff a chance to share with Melanie the amazing work completed over the summer months. When on sabbatical, Melanie could not talk work at all, a challenging task for such an integral piece of Kawerak. The buzz of progress energized everyone in the room.

Melanie expressed her gratitude, “Many thanks to Mary David for holding up the fort while I was gone and allowing me to take this opportunity,” to which Mary echoed, “I wouldn’t have said yes if it weren’t for the confidence I had in the staff we have.”

We are happy to have Melanie back in the office refreshed and with new energy. Thank you Rasmuson Foundation!