The first Katirvik Cultural Center t-shirt design competition could not have been more of a success! We were grateful for the many talented artists that took their time to craft a design that was meaningful to them and relevant to our beautiful region. Out of the entries, 15 year old Bethany Daniel earned the honor of seeing her artwork featured on the official Katirvik Cultural Center shirt.

Bethany says her inspiration for the design stemmed from her love and passion for drawing animals. She latched onto the phrase “Our Story Is Alive,” which became the theme of the design. She credits Josie Bourdon for the Inupiaq translation, “Quliaqtuaqkut Inuuruq.”

T-shirts were not only locally designed, but they were also locally printed as well by Fireweed Custom T-Shirts owned by Russell Coxey. The community also participated in the selection of the winner as well, because all entries were posted on the Kawerak Inc Facebook page for voting. Followers of the page selected Bethany’s entry above all the others, which earned her $500 in prize winnings. These community made shirts AND onesies are available for purchase for $25 at the Katirvik Cultural Center. Katirvik hopes to hold an annual contest for new shirt designs, so if you didn’t participate this year, don’t miss your chance in the future!

Katrivik Cultural Center isĀ open Thursday and Friday from 2pm to 6pm and Saturday from 12pm-4pm. You can also call 443-4340 to arrange a different time to purchase a shirt or onesie.