Many of us have seen pictures and heard stories of the devastation that the 1974 in our communities. This flood displaced and dispersed many families, and has had lasting and difficult repercussions on perpetuating our sense of community and culture. Often in climatic events like the 1974 flood, emphasis is placed on the structural damage, but not many have a forum to share how storms like this have affected our families and communities.

Katirvik Cultural Center is looking for photos that show the effects of the flood in the Bering Strait, and personal stories that reflect what it was like during the flood and the aftermath of the natural disaster. These stories and photos will help set the scene for the 1974 flood exhibit hosted by Katirvik Cultural Center during the Kawerak Regional Conference November 6-8. Any pictures will be credited and returned.

Stories and photos can be emailed or recorded and sent to:
Lisa Ellanna,, 907-443-4340,
or mailed:
Kawerak Inc
Attn: Katirvik Cultural Center, 1974 Flood Exhibit,
PO Box 948
Nome, AK 99762.

About the workshop: 
The 1974 workshop aims to create space for people to share the human side of how this storm affected them, their families and their communities. Please come and share a cup of tea as we gather to tell stories about the 1974 flood. More to come on the event in November.