April is the month to GO BLUE to show your support to our most precious resource, our kids! April 5th is “Go Blue Day” so be sure to decorate yourself with all things blue. The Kawerak Child Advocacy Center has coordinated with many local entities to arrange a whole month of activities celebrating our kids and offering free activities for families.

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Subway donated 8 gift cards of $25 each for the winners of the 2019 Nome Scavenger Hunt!

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What can you do to support our youth?

Take time with your child today to tell them how much you care. Take a moment to support a young person you know that may be struggling. Support parents struggling with childcare, offer positive parenting tips, and advocate for family activities in your community. Keep an eye out for children suffering signs of abuse or neglect, and care enough to make the call when you suspect abuse or neglect.

Report Child Abuse

Care Enough to Call

If you see or suspect child abuse or neglect:

For more information or training: www.ReportChildAbuse.alaska.gov

A big thanks goes out to Kawerak, the City of Nome, Nome Rec Center, Nome Community Center, Nome Eskimo Community, Bering Sea Women’s Group, Bering Wellness, Arctic Native Brotherhood, Rotary Club of Nome and the local businesses that donated time, space, and prizes.

Contact Colleen Deighton at 443-4379 with any questions.