Robert Keith’s service on the Kawerak Board of Directors has spanned over 15 years since 1993. He joined the Board to represent his community of Elim. Throughout his time, he has served on many leadership roles within the Board, including Chair. We are extremely proud and honored to have the guidance, wisdom and dedication of Robert to the mission of Kawerak and are pleased to announce his selection as Board Member of the Year for 2018.

In 1995 during a visioning retreat, the Board identified the following qualities as being ideal in a Kawerak Board Member: an individual who provides strong effective leadership; who works well with others without bickering and murmuring; who is sober, trustworthy, proud and responsible with a positive outlook; who is accountable to their council and membership for their actions; who exercises self control; is constructive, works hard and is confident in their abilities; who builds a spirit of cooperation, trust and support with other Board Members; who is not a rubber-stamper but actively participates in the decision making process.

Additionally, at a 2003 training the Board added these qualities for a Board Member leader: an individual who is honest, “walks the talk”, is trustworthy, courageous, knowledgable a role model, loyal, understanding, willing to work hard, accepts responsibility, is organized, flexible, a visionary, is diplomatic and a statesman. Must also have good ears, a thick skin and a sense of humor!

The Board selected Robert for not only his service, but also his ability to exemplify these qualities throughout his time. Robert received a plaque, 25,000 Alaska Airline Miles, and a Kawerak jacket for his selection and service.