On April 16, 2018 children, families, tribal ICWA workers, and State OCS workers came together in honor of the tribal youth in the foster care system. This first-ever Tribal Gathering signified a special evening exemplifying unity and collaboration of people and groups who connect together to support, protect, and empower our tribal youth.

The Tribal Gathering was hosted in Anchorage bringing together the tribal foster children, foster families and birth families from the Bering Strait region located in the city. The event also welcomed native games athletes, Inupiaq and Yupik dancers, elders and culture bearers and guest presenters. These guests performed during the gathering,  adding a rich cultural experience for everyone. Families and youth were offered special gifts, various helpful resources, delicious food, and a remarkable evening of feeling honored by their Native community and State of Alaska.

Kawerak would like to thank all who donated their money, time and talents to the Tribal Gathering. We are truly grateful for your generosity and support for our children and families from the Bering Strait Region. We also appreciate the dedication of the Kawerak CFS Tribal Family Coordinators that conceived the idea for the gathering, and worked hard to make this event possible. Because it was so successful and appreciated, they are looking to hopefully host another gathering, this time in Nome later this year.