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Our mission is to advance the capacity of our people and tribes for the benefit of the region.

Kawerak Village Travels



Kawerak is hosting Outreach Events in the region over the next 3 months to let YOU know about programs that will benefit YOU. Meet us at your local IRA from 11am to 4pm.

Come and learn about Tribal Welfare Assistance, Scholarships, Vocational Training Grants, GED, Vocational Rehabilitation, Direct Employment, Education and Employment Supportive Services, Child Care Assistance, How to become a Child Care Provider, Apprenticeships and Village Based Training Opportunities, Child Advocacy, starting a small business, Restricted Native Allotments or Town site Lots and get assistance with wills and probate.

Come on over to your local IRA between 11 and 4pm! You could enter to win cool door prizes and enjoy Subway. If you have any questions or want to know the date we are scheduled to come to your village, contact Kawerak at 1-800-450-4341.

Child Care Development Fund Hearing



An opportunity for Tribal Communities to discuss and make additional comments and changes to the Child Care Development Fund Plan.

Check out the fund plan here.

Air Quality Workshop



Kawerak will be hosting a 4-day air quality training October10-13 in partnership with the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals.

This is an Entry Level Course for individuals in positions to influence change in Alaska Native Communities and are interested in air quality issues. The course designed for individuals with no background in air quality science.

We are also looking for two homes in Nome to assess that have air quality issues such as mold or unused HVAC systems.

  • Families that are chosen for the on-site tours will be given Air Matters – Healthy Home Kits and the chance to ask any questions of an air quality professional.
  • The kit contains basic items to help occupants maintain a healthy home. There are green cleaning supplies, a mold cleaning kit, carbon monoxide alarm, a relative humidity meter, and other useful items. Retail value is about $200 of supplies. 
  • The home assessments are part of a training course and will involve instructors and course participants visiting the home making observations and measurements with the goal of identifying ideas for the occupants to have a safe, healthy home. Read more on this fact sheet
  • To volunteer for the home assessment, or to register for this free training, please call Anahma Shannon at 907-443-4249 or email me at

Educate on Walrus Ivory



In an effort to stem the poaching of African elephants, various U.S. states have passed laws banning the sale, use, or possession of all ivory, and additional states are considering such laws.

These Ivory ban laws may cause residents to face prosecution for buying, owning, or bringing home legally acquired ivory from Alaska.

In an effort to educate the public and curb the economic shockwave that could financially disadvantage communities and artist, the Indian Arts and Crafts Board produced a brochure to educate potential buyers about Ivory. Please download and share the brochure here.





Quyanaqpaq to our 2016 Pick Click Give donors to Kawerak! Almost $1500 more was donated in 2016 to help support the Grand Opening of the first Alaska Native Cultural Center for the Bering Strait Regon, for a total of $2,735.00 raised. You can still donate for 2017 with your PFD until August 31!

We are so grateful for our donors. Thank you for sharing the love!!!