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Our mission is to advance the capacity of our people and tribes for the benefit of the region.

Summer Youth Employment Program



The time to apply is now! Do you know a youth ages 14-24 looking for a summer job? Kawerak will be hiring youth in every community in the Bering Strait, including Nome.

The job will vary, but all employment will be at $12/hour for 20 hours a week for 6 weeks. Applications must be complete and submitted by March 30. Download the application here.

Katirvik Cultural Center Design Contest




Open to all Residents of the Bering Straits Region!

Katirvik Cultural Center's First annual T-shirt and Baby Onesie design competition

Deadline to submit design AND artwork release form is February 12th, 2018, 5PM.

Download the Artwork Release Form!

Design/Slogan Requirements:

  • Family friendly
  • Alaska Native culture and language theme. For example a slogan might have words like “Alapaa, malik, inuk, quyaana…etc”.
  • Hand-drawn and digital electronic submissions will both be accepted.
  • Submissions must be at minimum 18” x 18” for original hand-drawn artwork. Slogans (text submissions) can be submitted regardless of size requirement.

Contest Description:

  • There are two contests, one for t-shirt design and one for baby onesie design. You may enter one or both categories. One entry per person, per category. Competition is open to all ages. Complete attached contribution form and submit with your entry. Minor children must have their parent or legal guardian sign on their behalf.

Voting Determination:

  • All Entries will be posted on the Kawerak Facebook page. Voting period will be from February 12th at 5pm - February 20th at 8AM. One winner for each category will be selected by the greatest number of Facebook “likes”. In the event of a tie, Kawerak will select a sole winner for each category. Contest participants are encouraged to share Kawerak’s post to encourage friends to like their submission.


  • Both Contest winners will receive a product with their design on it, an amazon gift card of $50, a $200 dollar check and public recognition for their design submission.  

Final Product:

  • The winning design for both categories will be made to sell at the Katirvik Cultural Center in Nome. Funds for the cultural center are used to continue sharing cultural education with our region’s youth. A public announcement will be made when they are available for purchase.

How to Submit:

To enter, please submit your design/slogan with a completed form to Tanya via:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 907-443-4452
  • Facebook: Message Kawerak Inc with the subject “KCC Design Contest”
  • Hand Carry: Put on Bering Air for $20 (at the expense of sender), write on envelope, Kawerak Inc, ATTN: Tanya Wongittilin, 443-4342
  • Drop Off: Katirvik Cultural Center, Richard Foster Building, 100 W 7th Ave

If you have any questions please contact Tanya Wongittilin at 907-443-4342.

World Culture's Festival



Regional Grant Writing Training




Oil and Gas Leasing in the Bering Strait



Kawerak Opposes Oil and Gas Leasing in the Waters of the Bering Strait Region

On January 5th, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) released its Oil and Gas Leasing Draft Proposed Program, potentially opening offshore Oil and Gas Leasing/Exploration in various parts of Alaska that were previously not included in previous lease sales.

Kawerak, Inc. opposes oil and gas leasing / exploration in the Hope, Navarin, St. Mathew Hall, and Norton Basins. These basins are where tribes from our region have harvested subsistence resources for millennia and where local people from our region fish and crab commercially. With the proposed draft, these basins will be exposed and open to oil and gas leasing/exploration in 2023. These basins are vitally important to our survival and oil and gas activities pose a serious threat to marine life and safety in these areas. 

Kawerak encourages individuals from the Bering Strait region to review and comment on BOEM's Draft Proposed Program.  You may learn more about the draft proposed program and access links to submit comments at Online commenting at begins on Monday, January 8, 2018. There will be a public meeting in Anchorage at the Dena’ina Center on January 23rd from 7pm-10pm.***UPDATE The Anchorage comment hearing for the BOEM Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing proposal has cancelled.**** PUBLIC NOTICE:

For additional questions and information please feel free to reach out to the Kawerak Marine Program at (907) 443-4368 or email

Click here for the full press release: Kawerak Press Release on BOEM

Eskimo Walrus commission also released a statement on the BOEM Leasing Draft Program. Click here for the full release: EWC Press Release on BOEM

Kawerak EESS Village Travels



Kawerak is hosting Outreach Events in the region over the next 3 months to let YOU know about programs that will benefit YOU. Meet us at your local IRA from 11am to 3pm.

Come and learn about Tribal Welfare Assistance, Scholarships, Vocational Training Grants, GED, Vocational Rehabilitation, Direct Employment, Education and Employment Supportive Services, Child Care Assistance, How to become a Child Care Provider, Apprenticeships and Village Based Training Opportunities, Child Advocacy, starting a small business, Restricted Native Allotments or Town site Lots and get assistance with wills and probate.

Come on over to your local IRA between 11am and 3pm! You could enter to win cool door prizes and enjoy Subway. If you have any questions or want to know the date we are scheduled to come to your village, contact Kawerak at 1-800-450-4341.


Let's Speak Inupiaq!



Educate on Walrus Ivory



In an effort to stem the poaching of African elephants, various U.S. states have passed laws banning the sale, use, or possession of all ivory, and additional states are considering such laws.

These Ivory ban laws may cause residents to face prosecution for buying, owning, or bringing home legally acquired ivory from Alaska.

In an effort to educate the public and curb the economic shockwave that could financially disadvantage communities and artist, the Indian Arts and Crafts Board produced a brochure to educate potential buyers about Ivory. Please download and share the brochure here.





Quyanaqpaq to our 2017 Pick Click Give donors to Kawerak! Almost $1500 more was donated in 2017 to help support the continued programming and development of the first Alaska Native Cultural Center for the Bering Strait Regon, for a total of $2,735.00 raised. You can still donate for 2017 with your PFD until August 31!

We are so grateful for our donors. Thank you for sharing the love!!!