The Norton Sound Health Corporation Patient Hostel recently purchased two new car seats to accompany their transport vehicle. Director Robert Nelson said, “We were authorized to get car seats for all Norton Sound vehicles. I jumped on it.” He connected with Kawerak’s Outreach Director Danielle Slingsby, who is one of two certified car seat technicians in Nome. During a one hour session with the employees, Danielle taught the basics of car seat fit, installation, and securing a child. All patient hostel employees received hands on experience with the car seat, and not without frustration!

“This is so confusing” one employee said. “If we didn’t have this class on car seats, then we would have had trouble figuring it out!” With proper instruction however, all employees got the hang of it by the end of the hour. As they learned, car seats can be complicated, revealing the importance of education on the basics related to the car seat type, seatbelt type and vehicle type when installing and fitting a child with a car seat. And parents don’t always know either (we don’t get a class on it do we?).

It’s important for transport services like Norton Sound’s to supply car seats. Families flying in from the villages don’t typically bring car seats for their children because they don’t have a car to use them with in their home community. Many families in Nome commute around walking or using cab services. “I hope to ensure not only all transport vehicles carry car seats,” says instructor Danielle Slingsby, “But that they also receive the education they need to install them properly.”

If you would like to learn more about children safety seats, receive a training on installation or have your seat checked for proper installation and fit please call or text Danielle Slingsby at 907-434-0518.